Creative Pre-Wedding Party Ideas

For many, one of the most challenging parts of planning a wedding is coming up with a new/fun/unique creative idea for a pre-wedding party. Sometime planners are faced with attendees with a wide age-gap, while others feel that a traditional night of partying is not necessarily in keeping with the future bride/groom’s personality. No matter the reason, wedding party members are frequently searching out some non-traditional pre-wedding party ideas.

Below follow some suggestions that may be of interest:

Plan a Limo Scavenger Hunt

Depending on the size of the group, everyone can team up and plan a fun race around town. If a large enough group warrants, reserve two limos and pit the teams against one another. In the case of a smaller group, one person on the team can set up the hunt, while the other bridal party members work together to locate clues.

Organize a Wine Tour

Connecticut is home to a number of local vineyards with a dazzling array of local wines to be sampled. A wine tour can be a memorable experience for novice and professional connoisseurs alike. Many participants choose to include a gourmet picnic or favorite dining spot to enhance the experience.

Dress Shopping Adventure

Simply put, trying on wedding dresses is exhausting. Why not gather a close group of friends or family members and fete the bride with a day which helps her cross one more item off the never-ending to-do list? A chauffeured vehicle will take everyone shopping and provide comfort and convenience.

Dinner on the Town

Pick a series of restaurants, one for an appetizer another for the entrée and a third for dessert and spend a fun evening dining out and supporting local eateries.  This is a great way to try all those restaurants you never can get to (and for just the part of the meal you REALLY want).

Cooking Class

Find a facility/caterer/etc that offers cooking classes and reserve a time slot for the group of attendees. The fun of the team building activity coupled with the learning experience and gaining a new skill, will make for a memorable event.

Pre-wedding festivities should be about relaxation and enjoying the company of friends and family and need not invoke ideas of bachelor or bachelorette parties gone badly. For some, traditional nights on the town will be the preferred way to celebrate. No matter the decided upon activity, with a little extra planning, organizing a special day – in keeping with the guest of honor – will help provide a lifetime of memories.

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