Unique Summer Birthday Celebration Idea

Birthday LimoSummer and all its glory is here!  However, as a parent you may be struggling to come up with a new and exciting idea for your child’s upcoming birthday celebration.  Pool parties, trips to area museums and even an experience dining out have all been done before.  In the words of your kids, ho hum!

Why not go a bit retro and plan an outing to one of the area drive-in movie theaters? There are a number of drive-ins within an easy drive of Connecticut.  Select a date, invite 6-7 of your children’s closest friends, hire a limo and plan for a memorable adventure!  You can even add a sleep-over on after the showing to complete the event.  Movies are available for a wide range of ages, making this the perfect way to celebrate.

In Fairfield County, the theaters in the Poughkeepsie area are an easy drive from all points.  For the northern part of the state, Tolland and Litchfield Counties are still both home to active theaters.  Support small business, plan a different type of party, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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