Beer Trail, Wine Trail…Get Out There!

CT Wine Trail ToursThe CT Wine Trail has been well promoted and developed a nice following by in-state residents and tourists to the area.  The vineyards are thriving and there is no better way to support local small business than to tour the sites around the state.  Connecticut Wine Trail tours are popular with groups looking to plan a fun outing, those organizing a bachelorette party or adventurous groups of wine connoisseurs.  However, wine is not for everyone…The good news is, thanks to legislation passed in January, beer lovers can now enjoy a locally brewed ale on the CT Beer Trail.

CT Beer Trail ToursGiven the ramifications of drinking and driving, there is no better way to enjoy the Connecticut Beer trail or either loop of the CT Wine Trail than in a chauffeured vehicle.  Town Cars, Import Sedans, SUVs, limos, passenger vans and party buses allow guests to enjoy the company of friends and leave the mundane task of driving to a sober chauffeur.

As tours are personalized based on number of guests, vineyard/brewery and vehicle selected, event organizers may want to consider incorporating decorations, a gourmet picnic lunch or stop at a favorite restaurant along the way.  No matter your preference for beer or wine, get together a group of friends and plan your day – you’ll be glad you did!

Have you experienced either the CT Beer or CT Wine Trail?  If so, please feel free to share your experiences to help others plan their upcoming itinerary!

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