Yes, You Can Save Money When Planning Your Wedding Transportation

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If You Haven’t Yet Set a Date:
Consider planning your wedding for an off-peak time. From time of day (morning or early afternoon weddings may net you some additional savings) to day of the week (think Sunday instead of Saturday or Friday nights) to season (Winter should help you see significant savings), any time you can get away from higher demand, you may find some savings. Additionally, savings here will likely be across the board (i.e. not just from your limousine provider).

As Details Begin to Shape Up:
Book Your Wedding Limos, Party Buses or Transportation Early:

As with your other wedding vendors (reception halls, officiants, flower shops in Pasadena Texas, etc.) we work in a supply and demand environment. We have been known to book limos a year in advance with the agreement that we will provide services at current prices (a win for budget-minded couples). Additionally, booking transportation early guarantees availability of the vehicles you want.

Be Realistic With Your Needs:

Make a list of everyone who will need transportation on the wedding day. Now, share that list with others (i.e. your fiancé/fiancée, parents, siblings, etc) and ask if you missed anyone. Be realistic – is there an outside chance someone not on the list might need transportation? Prepare a second list that groups passengers together (i.e. bridesmaids, family, groomsmen, entire bridal party, etc.). Why? This will help determine the number of vehicles and size your party will require. Consider additional types of transportation (honeymoon, pre-wedding celebrations, out-of-town guest transportation, etc.) and remember to mention them to limo companies as your shop for services. Many companies will offer a discount for services booked together. Next, work with your chosen local limo company to book vehicles in line with your needs.
Know Your Options:

In Connecticut, limousine options in general are severely limited. If you have visions of Hummer and Escalade limos, you will not do well on your big day. State statutes limit limousines to a maximum of 10 passengers (and that includes the chauffeur) which is why many engaged couples turn to party buses. Do NOT trust the limo companies from out of state (namely New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island) who tell you they can legally provide services – they are more worried about making money than helping you celebrate your wedding. Nobody wants the headache of a towed limo on your wedding day. Lastly, don’t reserve more limousine than you need. If you have a maximum of 6 passengers needing transportation at one time, look for a smaller limousine – more than likely, it will be priced lower than an 8-passenger limousine.

Weigh Your Preferences Against Your Budget:

If you have to stick to a budget, make sound financial decisions. Renting a specialty car (Rolls, Bentley, etc.) may seem cool but it will likely put a big dent in your wallet. Analyze your route (pick-ups to ceremony to reception) – can you get by with one limousine instead of two? Know that the color of a limousine may play into costs as well. White limousines are often marked up at a premium.

Buy Limo Service in Volume:

We offer a 24 hour package that can be used for a number of celebrations (bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding day transportation, honeymoon services, etc). On a per hour basis, this works out better than booking a series of separate events.
When the Day Arrives:

The best way to keep your wedding transportation costs in check is to stay on schedule. Prior to planning your itinerary and booking services, be realistic in your time estimates and ask the limo company for their advice.
Why? Things you might not have considered:
• Limos and party buses cannot always use the same routes traveled by passenger cars – this may add on some additional time.
• In formal attire, it may take passengers a few extra minutes to get in the limo and settle before departing
• Planning pictures at a popular location? There might be a line for prime locations which can add unplanned wait time to your itinerary.

Planning wedding-related transportation can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are working with a budget, be upfront with your chosen limousine provider about your budget and see what they can do to help you stay on track.
Did you find another way to save money on wedding day transportation? Feel free to share tips with your fellow readers!

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