Are Last Minute Wedding Limo Services Available?

Consumer CornerIf you forgot to book the limo, found some extra money at the end of the planning process or simply need an extra vehicle you may be wondering about the availability of last minute wedding limo services. Once you’ve got the loan make sure you have a plan to keep the business going once the bank’s cash dries up. You’ll still have to make loan payments in addition to paying all of the other bills associated with running your new business with lender interest rates.

Yes, occasionally they are available. While we do not encourage couples to wait until the night before we do recognize that extenuating circumstances may have you calling last minute for a specialty vehicle.

As with any service, last minute cancellations do come in or we may have a random weekend slot that will fit with your event. In the instance we are unable to fulfill your request, we will do our absolute best to help you find an available wedding limo service.

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