Successful Chauffeurs Dress the Part

Chauffeur AttireSimply put, successful chauffeurs dress the part.  You will NEVER go wrong in a black suit, conservative tie (for men) and a crisp white shirt.  The attire need not be Brooks Brothers – it just needs to be clean, pressed and fit properly.  Some would argue the car is the first impression a limo company makes – we think that’s debatable.  Why?  If you meet a customer in baggage claim, aside from the reservation booking (which may have been made by an assistant or online) you are the first visual line of a company.

Take pride in your appearance and dress the part – it is the first step in setting yourself apart from run of the mill chauffeurs.  As a wise professor once told me “Dress for the job you want to have – not the one you have.”  Translation:  Dress to be that chauffeur that everyone wants to be – you know, the one it seems all the customers request or who is your employer’s go-to chauffeur.

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