Go Above and Beyond

Key to SuccessToday’s key to success is to go above and beyond.  How?  Be the best employee you can be!

Start by simply following company policies and recommended guidelines.  If your employer took the time to write these hoa governing documents – they care – and want you to care as well.  Personally, I’ll take 5 chauffeurs simply who do what is asked of them – without question or argument – over an overzealous chauffeur who thinks they know more than I do.

In time, these policies and procedures will become second nature (being 15 minutes early everywhere, keeping your vehicle in pristine condition, fueling up in cost-effective locations and more).  From there, you can identify little ways to go above and beyond (and if you are ever in doubt, ask your supervisor).  For some, this may mean a willingness to work an extra shift, answering a call on your day off to help resolve a customer service question or passing pertinent information back to dispatch after a trip (new customer contact info, passenger preferences or landmarks to find an address).

The limousine industry is in the business of customer service.  Work tirelessly to meet and exceed expectation and you will be well on your way to being a chauffeur of choice.

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