Be Early, Be On Time – But Never Late

Early ChauffeurOf all the attributes of a great chauffeur, we think this is the most importance: Punctuality

Why?  Our passengers have exacting standards – sometimes they are early, most of the time they are on time – and yes, occasionally they are late – but no matter what, the vehicle should always be there for them.

So, our advice is that you should always plan to arrive onsite 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.  This allows you some leeway on the chance you get stuck – to still arrive on time.  However, the goal should always be to be early.

Whether traveling or attending a meeting – passengers can get anxious when trusting their time and/or ability to appear on time to an unknown.  Unfortunately, the stress of meetings or scheduled departure times can eat away at some passengers.   An onsite vehicle can help put some of these concerns at ease.

When accepting trips, remember to be early, be on time – but never be late.  Your passengers will thank you!

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