Love People

Love PeopleAs we’ve delved into some of the important traits we feel great chauffeurs share – you may have noticed a trend – interacting with people.  Honestly, if you do not truly love people – this probably isn’t the best career path for you.

How can we say that?

While you certainly get to deal with people at their best (celebrating special events: weddings, proms, vacations, etc.) you will also find yourself balancing their euphoria with an uncommon blend of nerves, stress, tension, frustration and more.  Learning to deliver professionally – and provide service that exceeds expectation – can be challenging at times. The hardest lesson to swallow here is that it’s not all personal.

In addition to your passengers you have co-workers:

Dispatchers, reservationists, schedulers, fleet managers – every firm has someone – or a roster of some ones who will be hopefully helping you along the way.  However, as you are interacting with clients – most likely – so are your colleagues.  As such – be mindful that they may be catching people at difficult times too (missed flight connections, meetings running early/late, a death in the family, etc.).

Did we mention the people you share the roads with?

Yup – they’ll play into this equation as well.

What’s that you say? It’s not all bad?!

Sure – we’ve probably painted a less than rosy picture.  Rest assured – this a GREAT industry to work in – we just feel that honesty is the best policy.  So what has been our experience?  Individuals who genuinely LOVE people, have, in our opinion, a personality that shines through and EXCEL as chauffeurs.  As with so many other professions – this is not a career path for everyone.

So if we could offer one piece of advice – one little tidbit of unsolicited advice from an unbiased 3rd party – make sure you love people before you make the decision to pursue a career path as a chauffeur – we think it will help immeasurably!

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