Convention and Trade Show Transportation: A Limo a Day 41

Trade Show TransportationIf you are part of the team planning, organizing and executing a convention or trade show, you likely recognize that chauffeured ground transportation is an essential to-do item.  Whether booking for presenters, vendors or attendees, hiring a skilled limousine company should be a top priority.

When preparing RFQs or RFPs, you should welcome smaller limousine companies into the mix as much as the big players.  Why?  They are likely more nimble, know the ins and outs of the area as well as anyone.  Now, we’re not advocating for looking to a 1 car solo operation.  Instead, we’re talking about fleets that have the vehicles, staff, pricing, relationships and knowledge to put your mind at ease during the review process.

Relationships? Yes, relationships. Very few limo companies maintain a fleet that can meet all client requests – most will need to leverage relationships in outside markets (think passengers coming in from various cities) to offering the specific vehicles requested (sedans, SUVs, limousines, mini-buses, motor coaches, passenger vans, etc).

A local limousine company is the perfect starting point for planning your upcoming convention and trade show transportation.

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