Do I Need a Limo for My Prom?

Consumer CornerSome students decide they don’t want prom limos because of the cost.  That’s a valid concern – but before you shut down or convince yourself you don’t want something, shop around.  You would be amazed how, when split among friends, a prom limousine really isn’t THAT expensive.

While you say you don’t want something now – you may regret it later.  We’re big fans of living life with no regrets – but you’d be amazed the things that come back to haunt you 15 years later.  Don’t let this be one of those silly pieces of baggage.

Safety – Prom is about kicking back and enjoying a special night with friends.  Driving is about being responsible, paying attention and staying focused.  The two rarely mix well – let someone else worry about driving for the night and enjoy this special event.

Not a fan of limos?

Also fine – we know not everyone loves limos.  Have you thought about alternatives for transportation?  Here are some popular ideas we’ve seen:  party buses, trolleys, school buses (seems a bit ironic now doesn’t it?)

So, if you are wondering if you need a limo for your prom – have a frank conversation with your friends.  We think it makes sense and is in your best interest – but we can’t decide for you.

If you have questions about prom limo rentals, visit us on Facebook, GooglePlus or Twitter.  We’d love to help you come up with the perfect transportation solution!

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