Limos or Party Buses in CT for Prom

Homecoming Limo ServiceHere is the newest question we’ve seen popping up across Twitter and Facebook as students begin planning for Prom 2013.  So what will it be, a limousine or a party bus?  Only you can decide – but here are some points that may help facilitate your group decision.


In Connecticut., the largest limousine you are legally going to find is one that seats 8 passengers.  If Boston limousine company is telling you they have something bigger, one of two things:

1. They are not legally registered in CT and/or

2. They are hoping you are unaware of the laws.  So, if you have a large group, a super stretch limousine may not work for you.

Party buses run anywhere from 14 passengers and up – plan on going to prom with a larger group of friends?  This may be your only option if you all want to be chauffeured in one vehicle.


Limos:  You will likely find more availability.  What does this mean?  A few things:

  1. You may not have to commit to a vehicle as early in the planning process (but we don’t recommend waiting as supply begins to wane as the next few weeks and months pass)
  2. More supply means there may be a better chance you find some differences in pricing.  However, remember to be thorough in comparing quotes (look for size of vehicle, age, length of rate being contracted, is gratuity included, etc.).

Party Bus:

  1.  You will need to commit sooner rather than later – or you will be out of luck.  Remember, prom season competes with wedding and graduation season – which are all prime demand times for these bus-sized limousines.


Limousines:  Overall, the cost for a prom package will likely be lower than a party bus.  Deposit charges will also likely be lower.
Party Buses:  On a per passenger basis, may work out to be a lower cost.  Look for a higher deposit.

Ultimately your prom transportation decision will come down to group size, date, vehicle availability and your budget.  Don’t be afraid to call around for pricing – but do not solely rely on price quotes.  Instead, look for a reputable company with a longstanding history of providing prom service in Connecticut.  Additionally, do NOT accept or respond to a quote from an out of state vendor – you run the risk of losing your ride on prom night.  Learn more about bus leasing and good luck in your search!

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