What Happens if We Need Extra Time?

Consumer CornerIt happens to the best of us – you are having fun and things start running behind schedule – or perhaps a guest of honor was late – and you need to hold up celebration (wedding, birthday, etc.).  As such, you may need to secure some extra time with your hired vehicle.

As much as we’d love to say “don’t worry about it” – we have to plan accordingly for things to run over (as it happens more frequently than you want to know).  In your contract will be terms and conditions for running over.  Typically, it simply involves and extra charge – however, depending on the length of overage, we may have to discuss your specific needs.  We plan for ample time between reservations to accommodate cleaning the vehicles and getting to the next destination.  If a trip runs over, we have to reassign vehicles and schedules – which can be problematic with specialty vehicles.  Some overages are easily accommodated – longer requests can be more challenging – please know, we will always do our best to honor your requests for extra time.

For some of our customers, budgets are fixed – in these instances; we will help relay the message that under no circumstances is your reservation to run over.  We will work to do our part to keep you on schedule –and ask that you do the same.  In all our years of business, we are proud to report that we have been able to honor every request for budget/time minded customers.

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