What Is Your Bad Weather Policy?

Consumer CornerFrom time to time, especially operating out of New England, we are faced with bad weather.  Snow storms, windy days, hurricanes, nor’easters…They are all a fact of life.  We are proud of the fact that in 6+ years of business, we have never NOT made it to a customer in inclement weather or following a major weather event.

So what exactly is our bad weather policy?  In cases of severe weather, we reserve the right to charge a garage-to-garage charge.  Why?  A trip that typically takes an hour and a half to complete could take up to 6 hours (no, unfortunately, we are not kidding) and we need to be able to compensate the chauffeurs and occasionally put additional cars on the road.

With regards to availability – our first commitment is always to customers with existing reservations.  We will work to get you to or from the airports amid the cancellations and delays.  However, we must heed requests to remain off of roads when closed.  Interestingly enough, calls frequently come in during storms for various forms of transportation.  While we would like to help everyone out – we often feel it is in everyone’s best interest to stay off the roads until the weather system passes.

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