Pink Prom Limos? A Matter of Preference

CT Limo ServiceFunny enough – come February each year, at Absolute Transportation, we often feel like we are reliving our high school years.  Why?  Because we spend countless hours daily reading about prom limos, limousine service to proms and answering requests for service to any number of Connecticut proms.

Many of the requests are problematic – as the service simply can’t be provided:

Caller wants a Hummer or SUV style limousine and we spend the call educating the prospective customer on Connecticut limo laws.

For others – the requests are for out-of-the-box service ideas (exotic limos, trolleys, fire engine limos, armored limousines and the like).

However, the one that we see rising to the top this year is the request for pink limousines.  Apparently black, white and silver limos are out (at least with this year’s class of prom goers).

Are pink limos available in Connecticut?  Possibly – we’re not entirely sure (what we can tell you is that we do NOT have one – sorry folks – not enough business demand to support the request outside of prom season).

What do we think about these brightly colored forms of transportation?  It’s a matter of personal preference.  Truthfully – prom is one of those events that you will look back at pictures for years to come.  If you think now that the sight of your group of best friends, in front of an oversized hot pink vehicle is appealing – by all means, if you can find one, go for it.  Make sure everyone in the group is on board – they will be their memories too.

Lastly, please remember our standard warning:  whatever you end up booking – make sure it is legal in Connecticut.

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