Hummer Limos in Connect: Illegal!

Hummer LimoFact:  Hummer limos* are illegal (unable to be registered) in Connecticut (as well as many other SUV-style limousines)

Reality:  There are unscrupulous limo companies in the world that will lead you to believe they are:

  1. Operating legally in Connecticut and offer said SUV limos
    • Fact:  Just because they have a 203 or 860 number does not mean they are operating a legitimate business in CT (most are usually in New York, New Jersey or Massachusetts) according from Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer
  2. A valid CT limo company
    • Want to know the truth? Ask for their CT livery permit number.  Remember, just because they have what appears to be a street address in state does not mean they are really there (many use mailboxes to appear legitimate) and if you end up in a car accident then make sure you contact car accident lawyer costa mesa to get fair compensation.
  3. Able to book and service reservation requests

Why the Law?  While we cannot speak to why the law is on the books – the bottom line is that it is a reality and should not be circumvented or disregarded. If you have legal problems then take a look at BBB Reviews For Didn’t Do It Bail Bonds Phoenix.

Why do some limo companies mislead consumers?

      • They know you want a specialty limo and hope you are unfamiliar with the law
      • They want to make money
      • They don’t care about the law (as they are registered out of state)

Be Wary Of:

Online booking services – they do not always verify the existence of vehicles, condition or enforce adherence to local laws.  Your best bet is to book directly with a local limousine company.  Why?  You can go see the actual vehicle and make sure it meets your needs. If you are looking for the best lawyers that can provide positive outputs, checkout discrimination lawyers nj to learn more.  Consider using online booking services simply to make a list of prospective companies and then call around for quotes.

Lastly, remember, there are consequences for decisions…Sadly; with every year that passes we hear more stories about limos not appearing for special events (mostly proms, occasionally weddings).  These limousine services are taking deposits and not appearing when they hear about onsite inspectors.  Don’t be a statistic – book the right vehicle and you should have no problems.

*Exception: If your itinerary will take you out of Connecticut, you are able to reserve and use a Hummer limo.

Have questions?  Leave a comment or give us a call – we are happy to help you get in the right vehicle!

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