Cheap Prom Limos: A Big No No

Cheap Prom LimoAdmit it – you have a fixed income for your prom limo and you’ve been actively searching out a cheap limo service for your big night.

Stop – there’s an old adage: You get what you pay for – and it couldn’t be more true than in the case of special event transportation.

Why The Lower Prices?

Typically:  Older vehicles, improperly (or not) registered businesses, under/not insured, diminished standards and untrained employees.

Repercussions:  The limo never shows, a smaller-than-promised vehicle appears (perhaps you were promised an 8 passenger limousine and a 6 passenger version arrives for pick-up), the lack of maintenance is apparent (ripped rugs, tired/worn interior, sound system is shot, etc) and the list goes on.

What to do?

Work with a local company with a solid reputation.  The internet, while a great place to search out limo services is merely a hangout for unethical and fly-by-night operations.  Rembember, you are interested in service and value – not just price.  Sure, scoring a limo for $300 sounds like a great deal…Until the car doesn’t appear and you are left stranded on prom night.

Be a smart and savvy consumer – cheap limos are simply not the way to go! Good luck!

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