We’re Growing for You

One of the best parts of owning a small business is being able to both listen and respond to the wishes, needs and wants of our customers.  As 2013 came to a close, we were able to put our growth plan into action.

Later this month, customers will find our newest vehicles on the road: namely a new Ford Expedition SUV and also a Ford E-350 passenger van.  The SUV will be a replacement while the van is a new offering.  These vehicles join our existing fleet of Lincoln Executive L Town Cars, BMW 7 series, Mercedes-Benz S class sedans and Lincoln super stretch limousine. We also have a car accident lawyer just in case you need help on legal matters when you have an accident in the future but hopefully not.

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We are working to get these new vehicles properly licensed and on the road. Whether you are planning an upcoming vacation with the family, a wedding, a prom or a special outing, we believe we now have more options than ever to serve your needs.

As a small business, we believe that listening to the needs and requests of our customers should be a top priority.  To that end, we do our best to grow the fleet and develop service offerings that meet and exceed expectations.  If there is more we can be doing for you, please let us know.



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