Connecticut College & University Transportation Primer

Intrastate PlateWith graduations occurring in towns and cities across the country, we figured now was the time to help parents as they prepare to send their students off to colleges and universities here in Connecticut. Whether you are preparing a freshman or returning a seasoned senior, what follows is some advice that any collegiate parent should have on hand as you ready for the 2014-2015 school year. Planning, packing, working and traveling will likely make up the majority of your student’s summer – now is the time to prepare for the logistics of the year. As we often remind people, having a local limousine service on retainer for vacation travel, emergencies at home or a trusted ride while living away from home should be among the calls you make before dropping your child off at school this fall. If you are looking for an excellent tutor services, look for vce specialist maths tutor melbourne and learn more.

Why Retain a Connecticut Limo Service?

Parent Response: All information from the college/university indicates that shuttle service to the airport/ferry/train station is available for breaks and vacations.

Our Response: More often than not, your student will be ready to head home early following exams, or later than fellow classmates as a result of previously scheduled athletic/school events/work schedules. Additionally, available shuttle service is only offered to a select few local airports (i.e. Bradley (BDL) for domestic flights and JFK for international students). It may be in the best interest for your child to travel from another area airport (think LaGuardia (LGA), Newark Liberty (EWR), Logan Airport (BOS) or Westchester (HPN)). Outside of school vacations, your child may need transportation to visit a local doctor or even to run an errand/attend an interview/etc – all being reasons to enlist the services of a limousine company.

What Should Parents Be Looking for in a CT Limo Service?

1. If your student will require transportation from any of the Connecticut colleges or universities to Bradley or Tweed New Haven airports, Connecticut MetroNorth Stations or even the various ferries (Bridgeport, New London, etc), you need to work with a company that has vehicles with L/Intrastate plates. For all other out-of-state airports or transportation centers, a Z/interstate plates will be sufficient.

2. Make sure the limo company tracks all departing and arriving flights. New England is notorious for it’s bad weather and it is not unusual to hit around the holidays – many a student would have missed a flight home had we not been tracking flights here the night before. Early notification of cancellations can help you get your student rebooked on the first flight out.

3. Work with a company familiar with your child’s campus. The sprawling nature of the various institutes of higher education can be both large and confusing. Familiarity with the campus layout will help your student easily locate their vehicle and start their journey home.

4. Make sure that a live person will be available to answer the phone 24/7. Flights occasionally come in late, get diverted, etc. As a parent, you will want the comfort of being able to track your child’s whereabouts as they head to/from campus.

5. If you have a preferred limousine service at home – ask for their local affiliate. This helps you assure some due diligence has been done to guarantee the quality of service you are selecting.

We Found a Company, Now What?

Make the call, set up an account and put a credit card on file. Give your child the information they need to know who to book with and how to reserve a car, should the need arise.

Sending your child off to college requires an immense amount of planning. No matter which university your child will be attending, be it Yale, Fairfield, Sacred Heart, UConn or any of the other wonderful colleges or universities here in Connecticut, please take the time to find a quality local CT limo service. Nobody plans on an emergency, and pre-planning is the best way to be ready.

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