L vs. Z: What Does it All Mean?

You will frequently see us refer to L plates and Z plates in our discussion of limousine services in Connecticut.  So what exactly are we talking about?   License plates and the different service levels chauffeured vehicles can perform.

L Plates aka Livery Plates are worth their weight in gold in Connecticut.  Vehicles featuring these plates can be used for both interstate and intrastate work (i.e. the vehicles can work solely within state lines and also cross borders).  The license plates start and end with the letter L.

Z Plates aka Interstate Plates are valuable as well – their function just limits their services to trips that cross over state lines.  These license plates start and end with the letter Z.

What Does it Mean to Me?

When hiring a CT limo company (no matter the type of service) make sure fleet vehicles feature the appropriate plate (it’s a simple question to ask when booking service) – this is your first indication of a legal limousine service in CT.  If you find the reservationist hesitating at this simple question, you are likely dealing with a less than reputable (or possibly illegal) company.  Also, out of state vehicles cannot come in to Connecticut to provide limousine services starting and staying within state lines.

Why Does Any of this Matter?

The penalties for violations can ultimately cost you your ride.  True Story: In May, we received a call from a mother in central Connecticut.  The Hummer limo service booked for her child’s prom never appeared.  Inspectors were out in full force this year having illegal limousines towed – and this prom was visited by the officials.  More than likely, the out-of-state limo hired for the event had been tipped off and didn’t want to risk getting towed.  The quick thinking mom carpooled the attendees to the prom and raced home to call around for a legal limousine company to salvage the special night.  Guess who got the call?

If your trip will start and stay in Connecticut, make sure the vehicle sports L plates (i.e. New Haven to Bradley Airport, wedding limo service in Fairfield and Trumbull or a concert in Hartford).  If your travels will take you out of state (Stamford to JFK car service, Danbury to JFK Airport, car service from CT to Logan Airport or New Haven to Newark Airport), Z plates are perfectly acceptable.  Ultimately, your top priority should be to work with a licensed and insured limousine company in Connecticut.

We hope this demystifies the L vs. Z situation in Connecticut.  As always, should you have questions, please feel free to comment below, drop us an email or give us a call.

Sean Morris