Brand Loyalty

As with consumers, businesses often select a brand of choice. In our case, the decision has been to maintain an all Lincoln fleet of vehicles. Why Lincoln? Most industry insiders would agree, the name Lincoln and Livery or the Limousine Industry are synonymous. Widely recognized as one of the industry workhorses, few vehicle manufacturers can compete with the longevity and durability offered in Ford’s upscale brand.

From the Park Avenue favorite of the Executive L Town Car, to the rugged snow conquering talents of our Navigator L SUV to the luxury and elegance of a Lincoln Executive super stretch limousine, the quality and workmanlike nature of our fleet is unparalleled.

We find that the passenger amenities offered on these vehicles is second to none. The comfort and convenience of our vehicles is our number one priority in consideration when growing our fleet. For our specialty vehicles, yes, we could easily incorporate less conventional stretch limousine offerings such as a Mini-Cooper, a hot pink stretched anything or a more extravagant brand such as Bentley, BMW or Mercedes into the fleet.
The team at Absolute Transportation is passionate about timeless elegance. We want you looking at your wedding photos 20 years from now admiring selections, not cringing at a period popular vehicle. As such, continuity fleetwide continues to be among our top commitments to customers.

As previously mentioned, Lincoln is making changes to their product offerings and line-up. This will eventually have implications on our fleet. With Cadillac following suit in retiring their popular DTS, many limousine companies will be struggling with their fleet growth in the next few years. Until then, we continue to support the brand that we believe offers the best return on investment; Lincoln.

Does your business have a brand of choice? We’d love to hear about it and why!


Sean Morris