Connecticut Area Airport Transportation Options

Travelers flying out of the NY Metro Area airports (LGA, JFK, EWR or HPN) or Connecticut’s commercially service airfields (BDL or HVN) often wonder about their ground transportation options.  Typically, customers count the following among viable solutions: drive themselves, CT shuttle service, hire a driver or contract with a limousine car service company.  Other transportation options certainly exist, including mass transit, but we’ll analyze the more direct route choices today.

Driving to the Airport:

Certainly upfront this may seem like the most cost effective solution.  However, when you start to factor in gas, parking, fatigue and overall hassle, this may not be the optimal mode of transportation.  With daily parking fees averaging $33/day at the major airports multiplied by the number of days you’ll be away, the expense quickly adds up.  Many of the smaller airports have extremely limited parking options, and finding a spot can be an impossible feat.

For many, the thought of leaving a prized vehicle, among the throngs of other vehicles, operated by wary travelers, in long-term parking may also leave you wishing for an alternative.  Depending on scheduled departure or arrival times, fatigue may come into play.  An early morning flight, or late night arrival, coupled with jet lag and time zone changes may make a long drive even more perilous.  Bad weather can make walks to the terminal, hauling luggage to and from your vehicle a daunting task.

Commercial Van / Airport Shuttle:

Passenger van service is a popular option in Fairfield County to reach the area airports.  With CT airport shuttle service offered from area hotels, parking lots and other various sites, customers are able to park and purchase a seat with their carrier of choice.  Unlike driving, you are able to catch a snooze to and from the airport as a driver handles the hassles of traffic.  While typically cost effective for one or two passengers, larger parties often find the ticket charges to be a pricey purchase.

Van passengers can relax knowing someone else will handle the driving.  However, there is still the inconvenience of having to meet the vehicle at scheduled times, which may not be optimal for your travel itinerary.  Additionally, traveling among strangers may be a less than desirable experience.

Ticket prices are typically purchased one way, and a round trip purchase can occasionally net a small savings.  The cost of service will depend on pick-up location and final destination.

Hiring a Driver:

Many passengers turn to hired drivers to take them to the area airports.  While this may seem like the perfect solution, you can leave directly from home, at a time of your choosing – the downfalls can be great.  Unfortunately, oftentimes, the driver is not licensed and properly insured to operate your personal vehicle and that´s when you can get in trouble.  Nobody ever plans for an accident, and in the untimely event of a collision, problems could ensue for you as owner and the contracted driver.

If you choose this form of airport car service, ensure your hired driver is professionally licensed and insured to provide the contracted services.  Costs will be determined based on if you are using your vehicle or the driver’s.

Utilizing a Private Limo Service:

A car service is often the most economical solution to transport passengers to the airport.  With a fully licensed and insured fleet, area companies offer door-to-door services and scheduled pick-up times designed to coincide with specific travel itineraries.  Depending on the number of passengers, town car, SUV, stretch limousines, vans and even buses can be used to transport travel parties.

Passengers will also have their own use of the vehicle and not be subjected to sharing their ride with strangers.  With most limousine companies striving to send cars to area airports full and returning with another group of passengers, the environmental impact is lowered and costs can typically be kept down.

Customers looking to utilize one of the area limousine services should make reservations prior to departure and get everything in writing.  Upon return, simply plan to meet your chauffeur in baggage claim or call to meet the car curbside.  Air travel is fraught with its own set of headaches and delays.  Ground transportation should be used whenever feasible, to make airport transportation as smooth as possible.

Limousine service rates depend on the car hired, time of day for pick-up coupled with pick-up location and final destination.

Passengers departing the Metro New York and Connecticut area airports have plenty of ground transportation options.  Plan ahead and pick the solution that best aligns with your personal needs and safe travels!


Sean Morris