Getting Married at Home?

Transportation tips for couples getting married at home

Transportation tips for couples getting married at home

Are you planning on getting married at home?  What a great way to celebrate your special day!

Now, time to plan for a few more details that you may not have thoroughly thought through quite yet…If not, you may end up with a scene reminiscent of the kids parking cars in Father of the Bride.

Questions to Ponder:

  • Is there adequate space to accommodate guest vehicle parking?

  • Do the homeowners have any qualms about parking on the grass/driveway/etc and would bad weather cause any problems with the planned parking arrangements?

  • If parking will be in the street, have you talked to area officials about parking permits or uniformed officer requirements?

    • If not, is there a suitable location close by that could be used as a satellite parking location?

  • If you plan on guests parking offsite and being carpooled on site, are there any logistical problems to consider (driveways with nowhere to turn around, hills that may not accommodate larger vehicles, etc)?

  • Have you budgeted for attendants, parking accommodations and potentially guest transportation?

  • You know how to get to your wedding site and reception site – will your guests be able to easily find the locations?  If you think there is anything tricky, plan for extra signage and exact directions.

These are just a sampling of some stumbling blocks we have helped couples through over the years.  Every wedding is different and presents its own unique set of challenges. If you are planning a home wedding and would like to discuss your circumstances, we would be happy to discuss.

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