Have a Request? Just Ask!

One of the best parts of owning and operating a limousine car service is helping our customers celebrate life’s special moments. We have been called upon countless times to transport brides, grooms, parents, grandparents and attendants and it never gets old. Each couple is special to us and has their own unique vision for their wedding day celebration and we are honored to be included! We have also facilitated many a birthday celebration (for customers young and old), retirement trip transportation and countless other special events.

Along with our routine service offerings come occasional special requests from customers. What never ceases to amaze us is the creativity our customers exhibit in their requests and planned special events. To that end, it is our pleasure to deliver services that help meet and exceed these planned celebrations.

So what sorts of requests do we receive? Snacks in the limo, a surprise bouquet flowers for an anniversary airport trip and a greeting card in the town car for an out-of-town guests arrival are just a sampling of some recent unique customer requests.

If you will be celebrating a milestone while utilizing our services, feel free to make mention at the time of reservation. Additionally, if you have any other unique requests, please feel free to ask and we will advise to logistics and feasibility.


Sean Morris