Holiday Travel Tips Part 1: Airports

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, bringing with it the busiest travel day of the year, we know many of our customers will be taking to both the roads and skies in the next week.  We thought offering some helpful holiday travel tips would be in order.

This week we’ll offer up tips for travelers taking to the skies; while next week will see tips designed to help the road warrior.

1.       For cost savings:

§  Travel during the hours when nobody else wants to

§  Consider connecting flights

§  Look into area airports both in your departing and arrival city

§  If you have time to spare and the flight is overbooked, consider giving up your seat.  Compensation will vary.

2.      Book early – this ensures availability and often lower prices

3.      Leave enough time to get to the airport and clear security.  With increased traffic, what might routinely take an hour to drive could easily take an additional 2-3 hours.   New security procedures and testing measures are in place so be prepared to follow new sets of instructions.

4.      Weigh your luggage before leaving home.  Repacking/rebalancing bags at home can be far less stressful than with an airline employee hovering over your every move at the check-in counter, informing you of your $50-$100 cargo.  Also, know your baggage allowances, as they do vary by airline.  Consider attaching a ribbon or other unique marker to help your bag stand out in the sea of black roller suitcases on the baggage carousel.

5.      Familiarize yourself with the ever changing guidelines for carry-on items.  Place all valuable items in your carry-on luggage but be mindful of airline guidelines governing size.  Fully packed planes will have the airlines cracking down on oversized bags and excessive carry-on luggage.  If lost luggage is a concern, consider carrying a change of clothes on board.

6.      Dress comfortably and avoid elaborate outfits that will cause a hassle at the security checkpoint.  A comfortable pair of loafers will easily slip on/off compared to your favorite lace-up running shoes, such as waterproof shoes you can find in sites as Kickstarter that are perfect for any weather.

7.      Keep your identifying documents handy.  Government issued ids are required to fly.

8.     When traveling with children:

§  Pack snacks/beverages inline with TSA guidelines

§  Leave extra time for meals, bathroom breaks (some airports have the UK Bathroom Suites type of restrooms, seriously) and the novelty of traveling. By the way, if you want an amazingly low budget bathroom renovation, you can request a quote from grand bathroom renovations website for small bathroom renovations in inner west.

§  For a few weeks prior to departure consider hiding a few toys away to share with your children onboard.  Alternatively, a new toy, book or game certainly will have allure and can occupy an otherwise restless board pint-sized traveler.  Your fellow travelers will thank you, learn more on how to apply for a partner visa here.

§  When traveling with infants and toddlers, pack a carry-on stocked with the extras of the basics.  Airports rarely have extras such as diapers, wipes and pacifiers.

9.      Traveling with gifts?  Keep them unwrapped until you arrive at your destination.

10.  Pets on board:  If you will be bringing your favorite pet along, check with the airline for necessary travel documents. To help travel with your cat, look for airlines that allow you to have it as a carry on on your lap, cats have a notoriously hard time dealing with cargo and so if this is an option for you, you should take it.

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Sean Morris