Planning a Wedding? Who Rides in the Limo?

Couples planning a wedding are often besieged with decisions.  One of the most painstaking decisions includes selecting passengers to accompany the bride and/or groom in the limousine(s).  With large bridal parties, accommodating family and attendants can be a huge headache.  Couples should plan a rough itinerary, assess who requires transportation coupled with the ever present vision for the big day.  Attention to detail and careful planning will help couples devise an optimal wedding-day transportation plan.

Destinations and other common wedding day logistic plans are the best indicator of who should be included in the wedding limousine.  With receptions often running late into the night, a ring bearer or flower girl may enjoy a limousine ride to the ceremony site, but prefer (not always by choice) catching an earlier ride home from the reception with their parents.  If the is leaving for their honeymoon from the reception site, having attendants plan for alternate rides often makes the most sense.

The preliminary task in selecting wedding limousine passengers is reviewing and analyzing the need for family members, bridal party attendants and the couple to be in specified locations at scheduled times.  If attendants will be readying alongside the bride or groom, we recommend including attendants in transportation headcount.  Depending on the vehicle rented and size, the limousines may make multiple trips to transport passengers.  With grandparents, siblings and parents commonly part of the wedding party, most couples include loved ones in their luxury transportation service plans.

The ultimate goal of a wedding is the union of two people, celebrating and sharing their love with friends and family.  Many couples have visions of their big day and how they expect to spend their time.  For many, this often includes the wedding limousine.  Couples should stick to their visions and surround themselves loved ones in a preferred vehicle.  Limousine rides are meant to be fun and enjoyed in the company of wedding attendants.  The day will be a whirlwind, as such, couples should consider their desire to share moments with friends and family, while sneaking a few moments alone to savor and reflect on the day.

When contracting for wedding day limousine service, one of the biggest struggles is determining who rides in these vehicles.  While some selections may be obvious, logistics, common sense and personal preference should guide couples through the vehicle selection process.  Ultimately, couples must follow their hearts to determine who best belongs in the limo. 

Sean Morris