Top 9 Times to use a Limousine Service

Life is short, we believe in celebrating often.  Remember, while many think of a limousine as a super stretched vehicle, there are plenty of other vehicles available to meet personal demand and number of passengers (Town Cars, SUVs and even party buses).  No matter the occasion, it is always the perfect time to rent a stretch limousine to arrive safely and in style.

There are so many times in life when it is appropriate to use a limousine.  Here are our top 9 favorites.

1.       Prom

2.      Weddings and Pre-Wedding Parties (Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Showers, etc)

3.      Corporate Travel

4.      Special Celebrations (Anniversaries, Retirement, Birthdays, Promotions, New Job)

5.      Vacation Transportation

6.      Date Night

7.      Valentine’s Day

8.     Engagements

9.      Shopping Trips

10.  ???

In an industry where we strive to listen to our customer base, we would love to hear your thoughts on a number 10 for the list.


Sean Morris