Top Ten Vehicle Maintenance Tips

With a fleet of commercial livery vehicles, we recognize the importance of routine scheduled maintenance.  Below follow ten tips that should help keep your vehicle(s) in tip-top shape.

1.       Mind Your Oil:  While the old recommendation was 3,000 miles for all cars, times have changed.  Nowadays, some cars can travel up to 15,000 miles without an oil change.  Always consult the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for your make and model regarding scheduled changes and recommended oil grade.

2.      Rotate Tires:  Did you know your front and rear tires wear differently?  With different levels of applied friction over the course of a lifetime, your tires are subject to different levels of wear and tear.  Given this, tires should be rotated front-to-rear several times over the course of a lifetime.  In turn, you will equalize the wear on the treads and ultimately maximize the life of your tires.  Plan on rotating your tires every 5,000-10,000 miles.

3.      Select the Right Octane:  When purchasing at the pump, make sure you are selecting the correct grade gasoline.  Higher octane fuels are typically reserved for luxury, sport and high-performance engines.  According to AAA, only five percent of the cars sold in the U.S. require premium gasoline. However, premium gas accounts for 20% of all gasoline sold.

4.      Maintain Proper Fluid Levels:  This is one of the most important steps in properly maintaining your vehicle.  Fluids and systems to check include your engine, radiator/cooling system, batter, air conditioner, transmission, brakes, windshield.  Proper attention can add years to your vehicle’s lifespan.

5.      Check Your Tire Pressure:  Correct tire pressure is one of the best ways to achieve optimal fuel efficiency.  Given the high cost of gas, going further on less is the goal of most drivers.  Under inflation can lead to a weakened tire structure which will eventually result in failure.  Additionally, decreased fuel efficiency comes from increased rolling resistance.  Whereas over inflated tires typically fall prey to potholes and road debris, ride harder and have higher levels of road noise.

6.      Check, check & check:  Belts, bulbs, air filters and wipers – all require attention to function at optimal levels.  Some are easier than others, and if you have any concerns, check with your mechanic.

7.      Maintain a Preventative Maintenance Schedule:  Routine maintenance is the best way to stave off problems.  With regularly scheduled appointments, your mechanic will be able to run diagnostic tests and help you make minor repairs to keep you vehicle in top condition.

8.     Drive the Speed Limit:  Aggressive driving tactics including rapid acceleration, sudden braking and speeding all wastes gas. At highway speeds, you can decrease fuel efficiency by up to 33% and 5% around town.

9.      When Possible Bring It In:  Parking your car in a garage can help maintain a consistent temperature which helps decrease the amount of fuel required on start-up.

10.  Windshield Maintenance:  Monitor small cracks or chips and repair as soon as possible because unfortunately, what is a small chip one day can turn into a beyond-repair crack requiring costly windshield replacements. Routine service and general maintenance are the best ways to extend the life of your vehicle.

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Sean Morris