Wedding Guest Transportation Solutions

When planning their wedding, many couples feel overwhelmed by the number of decisions required.  We thought offering some insights on the emerging trend of guest transportation, might be beneficial to engaged or soon-to-be engaged couples.

With increasingly elaborate affairs and a seemingly destination-wedding feel of many events, coupled with guests and family arriving from afar, transportation has become a popular topic of discussion.  Wedding day only?  Airport arrivals?  Where to start?

First, analyze your budget.  Guest transportation is a nice to have and should be considered only after your must haves (dress, venue, reception, flowers, etc.) are addressed.

Next, plan your wedding related transportation services.  This will allow you to forge a relationship with an area wedding limo service provider.  Ask about the possibility of multiple service discounts (i.e. pre-wedding celebrations (bachelor/bachelorette parties), wedding day services, honeymoon transportation and any potential guest related needs).

Assess where and how guest transportation plays into your celebration.  For airport/regional transportation center arrivals:  Will your guests arrive in groups or on their own?  Sedan service, van services and minibuses are all options depending on the size of the arriving parties.

Consider rehearsal dinner and wedding day celebrations.  Will all guests be at the same pick-up/drop-off locations?  Will you need/want wedding shuttle service CT following the reception?  These are all valid points to take into consideration.

If you will be sending out save the date cards, consider adding transportation information alongside hotel and other critical details.  It will help your guests be well-armed with key points to attend your celebration.  When offering wedding-day guest transportation services consider including a response option when sending invitations.  This will help ensure the correct sized vehicles are selected and available to your friends and family.

Guest transportation is a wonderful way to allow your friends and family to arrive rested and party safely.  If your event budget allows, know that there are plenty of ways to offer your guests these much desired services.


Sean Morris