5 Reasons Why Weddings are Important to Us

It may seem like a silly thought…Aside from the transactional business aspect – why would a limo company care about your wedding?  First and foremost, I cannot speak for other companies and their decisions.  Perhaps most are just happy to take money, perform the requested service and move on to their next customer.

I can, however, speak for Absolute Limo Service and why we welcome the opportunity to provide wedding-related services.

1.        We are honored to be a part of a couple’s special day

A.     No seriously, we know you had a choice.  Something made you want to do business with us (perhaps it was a referral, perhaps you are a repeat customer, maybe we helped you figure out a transportation conundrum, etc.) – no matter the reason – we thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

2.      Peace of Mind

A.     Our hope is that by hiring Absolute Limo for your wedding, you will find peace of mind in our knowledge and expertise.  Whether scheduling out-of-town guest transportation, honeymoon rides or the important wedding day limousine services if you have questions, we have time-tested solutions.

3.      Confession Time: We love weddings!

A.     Who doesn’t love a wedding?  People happy, celebrating, enjoying family and friends – it really is just one of the greatest experiences to be involved in!  We’re fortunate enough to do this throughout the year!

4.      We love limos and more importantly sharing these specialty vehicles.

A.     Without weddings, we really wouldn’t have justification to keep a fleet of specialty vehicles.  However, like so many things in life, certain items were meant to be shared – and we think weddings are a great excuse to share our limos.

5.      We are constantly striving for life-long customers

A.     Our hope is that our relationship with you and your loved ones is long-term.  Airport runs with families can lead to prom services which hopefully lead to graduation celebrations and ultimately engagements/weddings/etc.  A few birthdays along the way and hey, maybe a retirement party.

These are our top reasons for why weddings are important to us – there are more (we just figured you might not want to read them all). We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family during your upcoming celebrations.  If you have any questions for us, please ask away – email, comments, call – we’re here to help make your day as personalized as possible.

Lastly – congratulations! We wish you a lifetime of happiness together!


Sean Morris