5 Reasons to Book with a Reputable Limo Company

If travel plans will take you out of town and the thought of renting a car or figuring out public transportation in an unfamiliar city have you down, perhaps your thoughts have turned to hiring a car service.

We always encourage customers to book before arriving at their final destination.  Why?  Because most of the time it is the law.  Limousine/for hire vehicles are supposed to be booked in advance.  However, even if this is not the case, below are some compelling reasons to book your airport transportation in advance.

 You will get a guaranteed rate.

Consider this: The random black car offering to get you at the airport?  Sure, he may quote you a stellar rate curbside – however, will that rate still be “confirmed” (in writing) when the trip finishes?  Not necessarily.

The vehicles will be licensed and insured.

Consider this: The same may not be true for an illegally operated vehicle.  If they are not concerned with proper licensing and insurance (which protects both them and their customers) who is to say they are concerned with minor things like maintenance or condition of their tires?

Your chances of reaching your final destination are good.

Consider this: The illegally operated vehicle stands the chance of getting towed (yes, it happens – this image is from a local airport on a recent Friday night).

The chauffeur and vehicle will be waiting for you.

Consider this: The random ride you booked via a posting on Craigslist that looked like a good deal may have been too good to be true.  Any number of reasons may keep them from appearing.  Let’s be honest, more than likely, they’re simply out to make a buck – not build a name for themselves.

The vehicle will be in excellent condition

Happy passengers will hopefully be repeat customers.  From reservation to the unloading of the last bag at your drop-off point, your local limo company will work tirelessly to deliver service that exceeds expectation.

If you will be traveling and require chauffeured ground transportation.  Instead of taking a chance on an illegal vehicle, consider enlisting the services of your local limousine company.  Many, including Absolute Limo maintain a well-researched and vetted network of national companies in various markets.  Let us do the research so that you can enjoy your time away.  Should you choose to book services on your own, remember to always select a reputable company.  You will be glad you did!


Sean Morris