5 Door Limos Are a Must for Wedding Transportation

Are you in the throes of planning your upcoming wedding transportation?  If so, and you are still in the shopping phase, we want to encourage you to put a five door limo atop your list (if you will be using a stretch limo on your wedding day).

What is a 5 door limo?

Traditional stretch limousines have 4 doors, 2 up front (outside of the passenger compartment) and 2 in the back of the passenger compartment of the car.  A 5 door limousine has a third door, at the front of the passenger compartment, for a total of five doors on the vehicle.

Why the Extra Door?

Easy – Convenience! At some point, coach builders (the people responsible for modifying traditional cars into stretch limousines) thought about the logistics of passengers loading in the vehicle and just how incredibly inconvenient sliding through the vehicle to reach the forward seats can be.  The extra entry point, also referred to as a bridal door, is typically larger than a standard car door to help accommodate bridal gowns.

Who Benefits?

All passengers benefit from the extra door.  For the bride, the ability to enter the limo with a bit of extra clearance can put her mind at ease with large and cumbersome petticoats/crinolines.  Bridesmaids will appreciate not having to climb through the vehicle to reach their seat in formal attire.  Even groomsmen, dressed in classic tuxedos will appreciate the ease of egress from the car.  Lastly, with extended family traveling via limousine, grandparents often appreciate the ease of entering/exiting the vehicle through the fifth door.

Do All Limo Companies Have 5 Door Limos?

No, this is a decision that companies make when purchasing their fleet vehicles.  Passengers will typically find these specialty limousines at companies that routinely service special events (weddings, proms, etc.).

When the time comes to plan your wedding day transportation, consider including the convenience of a five door limousine.  All passengers will benefit from the extra point of entry/exit.  Prospective customers should remember to add this question to their list of items to run through with their wedding day transportation provider.

What was the one item/service you added to your wedding planning that made things easier on the big day?


Sean Morris