Helpful Hints for Selecting Wedding Vendors

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows about the challenges of finding the perfect set of vendors to render services.  First, there are the celebrity and local choice vendors who seem to sit atop every bride and groom’s list of preferred service providers.  These industry professionals typically offer years of experience and scores of satisfied clients putting them in high demand.  Still others are on the up and coming list and are quickly building their own following.  Vendors are as varied as the services provided and finding the perfect

Prior to searching out your vendors, establish a rough budget for each item or service required.  Common areas to budget for include ceremony, reception/catering, attire, jewelry, hair stylist, florist, photographylimousine/transportation services, cake, dj/band, honeymoon and wedding planning services.  Some couples will have additional items, others will have less.  Be honest with yourself when planning the budget; think about what is most important and what you can realistically afford.  Planning a wedding is no reason to go in debt.  Take into account the value provided by a skilled professional.  Cutting corners on your wedding day, simply to save money, can lead to heartache, frustration and anger; all traits that most couples desperately want to avoid.

If you have already made some wedding related decisions and deposits (i.e. reception site) check to find out if there is a list of preferred or required vendors.  Additionally, ask selected vendors for their recommendations.  Most service providers work closely with other professionals on a regular basis and are happy to provide their insight.

Establish a list of vendors who you would like to meet with.  Email or call to find out about availability for your date and set-up appointments with the service provider or a company representative.  Personality and compatibility should weigh heavily in the selection process.

Take the time to meet with professionals to view their portfolio or service offerings and ask for recent references.  If you have ideas or pictures, now is typically a good time to present your ideas and requests.  Ask about any required deposits and inquire to the contract process.  Remember, any time you contract with a vendor, a written contract should be in place to protect both interested parties.

Upon completing appointments with vendors, compare notes and take the time to call references from your chosen professional.  In addition to references supplied, check out popular online sites to see if you can locate a well-rounded picture of your desired vendor.  Remember, when reading reviews online; everyone is entitled to their opinion, positive or negative, and there are two sides to every story.

Try to select your vendors early on in the process.  Oftentimes during peak wedding season, vendors know their limits and can only accept a set number of events.

Hiring vendors can be one of the biggest challenges for couples slated to wed.  With careful planning, interviewing and research, you and your fiancé(e) will establish a team of service professionals ready to help you celebrate the day of your dreams.  Good luck in your planning!


Sean Morris