Valentine’s Day: More than Just for Couples

Valentine’s Day, it comes but once a year and seems to run on varying extremes of the popularity scale for many individuals.  Oftentimes, we find people struggle with gift ideas for their special someone, while others loathe the holiday altogether, then there are the couples who find a special way to celebrate each and every year.  So what is a person to do?  As with so many other things in today’s world, make the day your own.

For couples:  Consider planning a romantic evening on the town.  If you have children, secure a babysitter and plan a fun date night.  If the kids’ favorite sitter is unavailable, see if a family member or friend would be willing to watch over the little ones.  You can easily return the favor in due time.  Imagine the fun of eating dinner and having adult conversation without needing to cut food and constant interruption.  If spending time with your children is atop your list, keep reading.  Getting away to a quaint New England Inn, or securing a reservation at a rustic tavern can help you escape the craziness of the normal world.  Establishing a traditional holiday celebration can be a fun way to look forward to some alone time each year.  Select a sentimental favorite restaurant or destination to enhance the time together.

Are you single and dreading Valentine’s Day?  Don’t sit at home hating the holiday, instead, gather a group of friends and plan a special outing.  Some popular past activities have included spa days and lunch, sporting events and shopping trips.  Funny enough, clients who plan these outings, typically keep them on the calendar for years to come.

If Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the one you love, why not include the family?  There are so many activities in and around Connecticut and Metro New York for families of all ages.  Consider finding a special event or destination and building a day of themed activities.  The memories made will last a lifetime and this could be the start of a new family tradition.

Like so many other things, Valentine’s Day is entirely what you choose to make of it.  Our advice is to embrace the day and plan some fun activities on or around the holiday.  With February 14th falling on a Monday, the weekend before or after are both excellent times to plan some quality activities with those you care about most.


Sean Morris