Scheduling Chauffeurs

One of the biggest challenges in running a limousine company is the scheduling of our trips.  The dedicated men and women affiliated with Absolute Limo Service contribute long hours to provide the top level of service expected by our clients.  We frequently receive requests for a specific driver and please know we do our absolute best to honor your requests whenever possible.  Occasionally, we are unable to honor these inquiries and wanted to take a moment to explain the ins and outs of our scheduling process.

First, we have to work with a chauffeur’s personal schedule.  Unlike a typical office environment that runs on a 9-5 schedule with fixed holidays, chauffeurs often find themselves driving on holidays, weekends, early mornings and late nights all of which take a toll on family time and personal lives.  As such, we need to be sensitive to requests and accommodate personal requests while balancing business need.

With a diverse fleet, we have vehicle logistics to consider.  Not all chauffeurs are licensed to operate all vehicles within the fleet.  As such, we have to ensure trips are covered and chauffeurs are assigned based on their credentials, skills and personal preferences.

Overall scheduling is the third criterion we use when selecting chauffeurs.  In the interest of fleet logistics and environment awareness, we endeavor to send vehicles down to the airport full with customers and return the same vehicle with a returning passenger or group.  As such, based on aforementioned criteria, this may put your favorite chauffeur out of commission for your trip.  Traffic and weather conditions are our biggest enemies and have been known to have us swap out chauffeurs at the last minute.

Ultimately, corporate protocol is to have your reserved vehicle on-site 10-15 minutes in advance of your scheduled pick-up time.  Please know that whenever possible, we endeavor to put your preferred chauffeur on your trips.  We understand that you have developed a rapport with your chosen driver and whenever possible we work tirelessly to match up these requests.  Hopefully, this explanation helps you understand the hows and whys of our scheduling process.  We look forward to getting you to your final destination comfortably, well rested and with your favorite chauffeur behind the wheel.

Sean Morris