Traveling Large

Are you planning an upcoming trip with four or more passengers?  For your own comfort, and sake of your luggage, you will likely want to consider something larger than a standard town car.  Unfortunately, when loaded to the max with passengers, a town car can only handle 2 or 3 large suitcases depending on your amount of accompanying carry-on baggage.  With the front seat occupied by the chauffeur and a passenger, everything must be placed in the trunk.

If your group has 5 or 6 passengers, you will need to consider an SUV at minimum, to accommodate transport.  Here, the luggage requirements are a bit more lax as the trunk space features a partition which allows for stacking of bags.

Should you be planning a getaway with a group of up to eight passengers, the super stretch limousine is an option.  However, we often caution people against this option if they believe they will be traveling with large amounts of baggage.  What most passengers fail to realize is that the trunk size on a standard stretch limousine is no larger than that of a town car.  While a few pieces can be placed upfront by the chauffeur, we have to keep things up front at a minimum to allow for safe navigation of the vehicle.  While many would argue luggage can go in the rear passenger compartment, in our experience this takes away from passenger comfort and presents its own hazards.  As such, if you estimate a large amount of luggage, our standard recommendation is to consider van service.  We have a few options for passengers requiring van service, including bench models and those featuring captains’ chairs.

Groups of 8 passengers or more will require van, minibus or motor coach service.  Having a rough passenger count and estimate on luggage will help us offer you optimal service options.

When making a reservation, if you have plans of bringing your golf clubs, entire seasonal wardrobe along with extensive carry-on luggage, please let us know.  We will be happy to help determine the best mode of transportation to any of the area airports from your desired pick-up location. Additionally, if you have been charged with planning group travel arrangements, please give us a call.  We have plenty of experience and would be happy to help you plan accordingly.


Sean Morris